This is another app from Halide creators – probably one of the best (and the most beautiful too!) camera apps in the App Store. Spectre is an AI-powered app letting you create long exposure photos. In terms of design it's very similar to Halide but it has some very nice details. ​

Steady Cam Indicator

In long exposure photos, it's important to keep your camera steady. Usually you need some sort of a tripod because even very delicate move can ruin your photo. Spectre is using AI to let you take those long exposure photos while holding your iPhone in hands. It tries to be smart and reduces effects of shaking hand. But it also has tiny indicator telling user if his/her hand is steady enough.

(I intentionally kept my preview area black because I didn't want it to be distracting)

Setting exposure time

This is actually something that can't be experienced on the video yet still it's worth mentioning. In bottom right corner Spectre has wheel-control to set exposure time. There're 3 options: 3secs, 5secs and 10secs. And there're three things great about it:

  1. That wheel-control feels like a metaphor of real camera's wheel controls on top of its body.
  2. It's right under user's thumb, making it super easy to access. It perfectly follows Fitt's law – which btw. is something that Halide app is great at.
  3. It has haptic feedback – and honestly that's the best part of this wheel. It's very subtle but gives the feeling like it was almost mechanical control.

This post is part of a series of posts called “Details“ (hey, naming is hard…) where I write about some clever, smart, and delightful UI elements & interactions in apps.